This is my (logico-philosophical) family:
(considering fatherhood = PhD advisor)


(from Mathematics Genealogy Project)


What I am reading

* Outlines of Scepticism, Sextus Empiricus


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What I am listening

Philip Glass, Uakti - Águas da Amazônia

Where I am living

Brasilia-DF (Brazil bra )

I also lived in

Brooklyn (Sunset Park), New York (United States -america)
Amsterdam (The Netherlands nl )
Fribourg/Freiburg (Switzerland CH)
Lisbon (Portugal PT )
Paris (France FR)
Neuchatel - Switzerland CH
Campinas (Brazil BR )

Countries where I have been

1. Brazil; 2. Paraguay; 3. Uruguay; 4. Chile; 5. Argentina; 6. United States; 7. Canada
8. Portugal; 9. Spain; 10. France; 11. Germany; 12. Switzerland; 13. Austria; 14. Italy;
15. Lichtenstein; 16. The Netherlands; 17. Belgium; 18. Vatican; 19. United Kingdom;
20. Monaco; 21. Czech Republic; 22. Slovakia; 23. Hungary; 24. Poland; 25. Sweden
26. Luxembourg; 27.
China; 28. United Arab Emirates; 29. Morocco; 30. Cuba; 31.Panama;
32. Russia; 33. Turkey; 34. Lebanon; 35. Peru; 36. Bolivia; 37. Qatar; 38. Japan; 39. Greece
40. Togo; 41. Ethiopia; 42. India; 43. Colombia; 44. Ecuador; 45. South Korea; 46 North Korea (JSA/DMZ);
47. South Africa; 48. Swaziland; 49. Mozambique; 50. Egypt; 51. Serbia; 52. Bosnia and Herzegovina

50 visited countries

I was born in the *Promise Land*:  Goiania, Goias, Brazil!

"Le plan directeur est le developpement d'une simple
croix tracee sur un plateau desert de l'etat de Goias.
La est le centre, comme est la definition geometrique
d'un point: intersection de deux droites".

ALAIN BADIOU, Logiques des Mondes,
L'etre et L'evenement, 2. MARS, 2006)
Sobre o Estado de Goiás e Brasília.
On Goiás

Favorite soccer teams

theold connection

"Where death waits for us is uncertain; let us look for him everywhere. The premeditation
of death is the premeditation of liberty; he who has learned to die, has unlearned to serve.
There is nothing of evil in life, for him who rightly comprehends that the privation of life is
no evil: to know how to die, delivers us from all subjection and constraint."

Que Philosopher, c'est apprendre a mourir  Michel de Montaigne

Poemas para morrer em paz, Renato Fino, 2014, Brasília, DF.