Alexandre Costa-Leite

Areas of Research

Non-Classical Logics, Philosophy of Logic and Metaphysics

Selected Publications

de Souza, E. G; Costa-Leite, A; Dias, D.H.B. (2021).  Paraconsistent orbits of logics. Logica Universalis, 15(3),  pp. 271–289 (2021)

Costa-Leite, A; de Souza, E. G. (2020). Conjunctive and disjunctive limits: abstract logics and modal operators. Studia Humana, 9(3/4), pp.66-71

de Souza, E. G; Costa-Leite, A; Dias, D.H.B. (2019).  Paradeduction in axiomatic formal systems. Logique et Analyse, 62(6), pp. 161-176;

Costa-Leite, A. (2018). Oppositions in a line segment South American Journal of Logic, 4(1), pp.185-193;

Costa-Leite, A. (2016). Interplays of knowledge and non-contingency. Logic and Logical Philosophy, 25(4), pp.521-534;

Schang, F; Costa-Leite, A. (2016). Une sémantique générale des croyances justifiées. CLE e-prints, 16(3), pp.1-24;

de Souza, E. G; Costa-Leite, A; Dias, D.H.B. (2016). On a paraconsistentization functor in the category of consequence structures. Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, 26(3), pp. 240-250;

Bensusan, H; Costa-Leite, A; de Souza, E. G. (2015). Logics and their galaxies. In: The Road to Universal Logic, volume II, Springer, pp.243-252;

Costa-Leite, A. (2014). Lógicas da justificação e quase-verdade. Principia: an international journal of epistemology, 18(2), pp.175-186;

Costa-Leite, A. (2012). Fronteiras contingentes e conhecimento limitado. Revista Brasileira de Filosofia, 238, pp.179-187;

Costa-Leite, A. (2010).
Logical properties of imagination. Abstracta: Linguagem, Mente e Ação, 6(1), pp.103-116;

Selected Talks

Logics of partial justification, quasi-truth and suspension of judgment,  DCLPS Research Seminar, Heinrich-Heine Universität Dusseldorf, February, Germany, 2020.

On a paraconsistentization functor (joint work with Edelcio G. de Souza),  World Congress of Paraconsistency,
Indian Statistical Institute, February, Kolkata, India, 2014.

Imagination, contradiction and paraconsistent logics, World Congress of Philosophy, University of Athens, August, Greece, 2013.

Fusions of modal logics and interactive laws, The University of Tokyo, March, Japan, 2013.

Logics, antilogics, counterlogics and the square of opposition (joint work with Hilan Bensusan), Square of Opposition International Congress, June, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 2012.

Imaginary logic and the logic of imagination, Kazan Federal University, October, Russia, 2010.

Combining knowledge and contingency, 13th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Beijing, August, China, 2007.

General information