Departamento de Filosofia
Filosofia da Lógica (137898)
Prof. Alexandre Costa-Leite


Sugestões de textos

Sobre lógica universal:

1) Béziau, J-Y. (2007). From consequence operator to universal logic: a survey of general
abstract logic
. In Logica Universalis, Springer, Birkhauser: Verlag Basel, Switzerland.

Sobre as relações entre lógica modal e lógica paraconsistente:

Béziau, J-Y. (2002). S5 is a paraconsistent logic and so is first-order classical logic, Logical Investigations, 9.

Béziau, J-Y. (2003). New light on the square of oppositions and its nameless corner, Logical Investigations, 10.

Sobre negação e lógica paraconsistente:

4) Béziau, J-Y. (2000). What is paraconsistent logic?, in Frontiers of paraconsistent logic, D.Batens et al. (eds), Research Studies Press, Baldock.

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